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Posted by Admin on July, 02, 2019

Salt is an essential commodity that can be found in everyone’s kitchen all across the globe. As per the table salt manufacturers in Tamil Nadu, salt plays an important role in maintaining the fluid balance of the body, muscle, and nerve functioning. However, one should avoid consuming too much salt as it may turn out negative for health. When it comes to table salt, it is extracted from the underground salt deposits. It is then deeply processed to remove the minerals. Table salt includes an additive which can prevent clumping. Most of the table salt available in the market contains iodine, a vital nutrient which helps in maintaining a healthy thyroid.
Salt is a natural mineral which is composed of sodium and chlorine. It contains 40 percent of sodium and 60 percent of chlorine. It is naturally available in sea water and accounts for nearly 3.5 percent of the world’s oceans.

What will happen if you consume excess sodium or face deficiency of it?
The human body has the power of regulating how much sodium it contains. In case the level goes too high, you will feel thirsty and drink fluids and the kidneys will boost the process of eliminating it.
An excess amount of sodium can cause stones in the kidney, high blood pressure, and other diseases. And, a deficiency of sodium has been linked to hyponatremia, dizziness, seizure, twitches in muscles, etc.

How table salt is produced?
Two methods are largely used for obtaining salt. One is evaporation from seawater and another is through mining.
The commonly used table salt or salts are produced through mining procedure while gourmet salt is produced through evaporation of sea water. The salt which is commonly used in the kitchens is table salt also known as refined salt, sea salt, and iodized salt. ,

Popular uses of salt
Salt is famously used for food preservation. Salt is also used for several other culinary purposes which may include dyeing, tanning, bleaching, pottery glazing, soap manufacturing, and chlorine production. Nowadays, it is also used in the chemical industry for softening hard water.

Interesting facts about salts

• It can eliminate bad smell. You may find it difficult to endure the strong smell of onion or garlic. If you rub your palm and fingers with salt, you can easily get rid of this smell.
• You can also check the quality of eggs with the help of salt. All you have to do is just add two tablespoons of salt in a cup of water and allow it to dissolve. Fresh eggs will sink and bad eggs will continue to float.
• If you sprinkle a dusting of salt on the fruits, it will keep them from browning.
• You can boost the life span of cheese simply by wrapping it in a cotton cloth moistened with salt water.
• Salt is also a popular ant deterrent. Everyone dislikes infestation but now you can keep them away simply by spraying salt in your doorways and windows.
• Salt is also an effective fire extinguisher. You can easily extinguish the grease fire by spraying salt on it.

Therefore, we can conclude here that salt plays a vital role in many industries all across the globe. If you are looking to purchase table salt, you can find table salt manufacturer in Tamil Nadu who will offer the salt at cost effective prices.

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