Refined Salt: Uses And Advantages

Posted by Admin on September, 20, 2012

Refined Salt is processed from of natural salt and is 97.5% sodium chloride and approximately 2.5% chemical additives. Most of the Refined Salts nowadays, have added Iodine to compensate for the lack of Iodine in the inland regions. Salt purity is determined by the percentage of sodium chloride present in the final crystal. A high percentage of Sodium Chloride means the Salt is refined properly and is devoid of any impurity. The purest grade that a Salt can attain is the ‘evaporated salt’.

Refined Salt is preferred over other unrefined salts because of the lack of necessary amount of Iodine in the natural salts. Unrefined Salts possess 16% natural elements needed by the body that disappears after being subjected to a rigorous processes of chemical cleaning, bleaching and treating with anticaking agents. Another significant point is that only 7% of Refined Salt Manufactured is used for household purposes. The rest of the 93% goes to various industries that require chemically pure Sodium Chloride for manufacturing explosives, fertilizers and plastics, etc.

Iodized Refined Salt is a very important ingredient to promote healthy life of an individual. Sodium is vital for maintaining cell health and maintaining ideal electrolyte balance. Sodium is also necessary for the production of hydrochloric acid that helps in digesting the protein in the body. It also helps in proper working of the nervous system and the contraction and expansion of the muscles of the body. Though a very vital element of the body, too much of sodium is harmful at the same time. Excessive Salt consumption is bad for our health and may result in complications like high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and even cancer.

India is the third largest Refined Salt producing country in the world. Gujrat alone produces about 70% of the total Refined Salt in India. Refined Salt can be further graded and used in different applications like kitchen salt, table salt and industrial salt. Thus, Refined Salt Manufacturers and Exporters in India find various diverse avenues, right from the domestic to large-scale industrial purposes.

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