The Various Uses Of Industrial Salt

Posted by Admin on October, 20, 2014

Edible Salt which is used at our homes for cooking constitutes a mere 6% of the total amount of salt produced worldwide. Apart from using this white granular substance for seasoning the food, salt is used in over 14,000 different ways. Industrial Salt is used in the making of products of varied nature. Some of these are plastic, paper, glass, polyester, rubber, fertilisers, household bleach, soaps, detergents and dyes. Have a look at some of the uses which take up most of the share.

  • Industrial Chemicals- The largest chunk of Industrial Salt is used in the making of industrial chemicals. This segment takes about 68% of the total salt manufactured. In manufacturing chlorine, caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite and other such chemicals, Vacuum Industrial Salts are used.
  • Water Conditioning- The next major use of Industrial Salt goes for water conditioning. Ground water contains calcium and magnesium and is called hard water. These hard ions are replaced by soft sodium ions. This process is also called ‘water softening’.
  • Highway De-icing- This process is applied while constructing roads and highways. Special de-icing salts are used for this procedure to eliminate the impurities in the road surface. This segment gets about 8% share of the total salt production around the world.
  • Agriculture- Salt supplements are required for livestock, poultry animals and other animals in order to keep them healthy and disease free. Salt is a basic part of their nutritionally balanced diet. 6% of the salt produced is used up by the agricultural industry for this purpose.

The remaining 6%, as mentioned above, is used by the food industry as a seasoning and as a preservative. All these uses of Industrial Salt point to the fact that we all are making use of this product in a direct or indirect manner. It is essential that your buy only graded quality of Industrial Salt to get its benefits.

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